Annual Meeting – Videos & Photos

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Annual Meeting – Videos & Photos

We had a fabulous time at Annual Meeting last weekend in Boston. The weather wasn’t the best, but we spent most of the time rehearsing or performing in the absolutely gorgeous Mother Church Extension (The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston) and we stayed dry…for the most part!

We are honored and humbled to have played in both the Weekly Musician concert on Sunday and the meeting itself on Monday, and are pleased to provide you with replay links! In the Weekly Musician Concert Audio Replay, our two original songs (Soulshine and Peace Like A River) are at about 15 minutes and 35 seconds in. Tessa also sings in the very first song. Video of the concert has been promised. We’ll let you know once it is posted.

In this Annual Meeting 2012 Video, you can see us at about 72 minutes in. Here, we perform Mary Baker Eddy’s Feed My Sheep set to our own arrangement of a lovely hymn by Dr. Raymond Burkhart.

Fellow Musicians

The musicians in the concert were all awesome. They were very skilled instrumentalists, singers and performers, but on top of that, everyone was very kind, buoyantly enthusiastic about one another’s music, selfless, and humble. The fount of Godly ideas poured forth, and I’m sure that everyone else grew as much both musically and spiritually as we did. It was very special to be included in such a wonderful group at such an inspiring and ground-breaking event. We owe a lot to Nate Frederick (the “Hey hey hey!” guy of Daily Lift fame) for making it happen. Thank you, Nate!

Also, please help us give a huge round of applause (clap out loud when you read this!) to Wynne Nuernberg, our violinist both on the recorded album, at three practice concerts two weeks ago, and at the Annual Meeting concert. She is wonderful!

Now, take a moment to meet all of our new friends:

Have a look at the Annual Meeting Concert Program, too. It includes the artists’ names, pictures, and lyrics to all of the songs. There is so much inspiration and spiritual meat here!


Two photos albums from the weekend for your enjoyment:

1) Rehearsal Photos » and our own private 2) Organ Tour » by Bryan Ashley, the Mother Church organist.


Dec 2012 | Video Clip of The Solo


  1. Thanks Jay and Tessa!!!
    God is unfolding wonderful opportunities, it was so awesome to be part of these joyful events. I have been so very grateful for many weeks! I am excited to see what God has for all of us next 🙂


  2. Thanks SO much Jay & Tessa. Your light is shining and inspiring us all. I love it.

  3. Like this format! Just getting better and better…