Love ’em ’til it’s Gone – Featured song at time4thinkers

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Song by Jay and Tessa Frost - Love 'em 'til it's Gone - Radical Acts project

Radical Act: Do good to those that hate you “Love ’em ’til it’s Gone” by Jay and Tessa Frost

Hello everyone,

More great news to share!  “Love ’em ’til it’s Gone” (track 9 on our almost-released inspirational solo album, Soulshine) is being highlighted this week on the Radical Acts web project!

The Radical Acts project is a summer-long community effort to actively live the way Jesus instructed us to through radical acts of love, kindness, selflessness, and courage, and in so doing, change the world around us in dramatic ways.  The website encourages each of us to take into our lives one or more of the acts that Jesus lived, and then to share the results online. It’s a rich and growing community of deep thinkers and radical actors.  You should totally join in!

Jay and I were commissioned to contribute a song to the project.  The result, “Love ’em ’til it’s Gone“, was inspired by Jesus’ command that we “do good to those that hate” us. It’s the featured song this week, so be sure to check it out!

Hope your summer is full of radically loving acts and much good,

Tessa and Jay