New Radical Acts song: “God Is Not A Secret”

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New Radical Acts song: “God Is Not A Secret”

When the nice folks at Radical Acts requested a new anthem-like song a few months ago, we were happy to oblige!

In relatively short order, God Is Not A Secret came together and was just posted at

The lyrics are a clear call to action encouraging us to reach out and purposefully express our inherent goodness, and the composition sounds (to us, in any case) like a huge circle of kids from across the globe holding hands, smiling, and letting their light shine 🙂


  1. I LOVE THIS!!!!! Thank you! And Happy Thanksgiving to you both. Mom

  2. Is there a way to buy sheet music to “God is Not a Secret”?

    • Brenda,

      Thanks for asking! We haven’t published sheet music for this one yet, I’m sorry to report. If you’d like to use the song at a certain time or event, I could put together the chords and melody – just let me know.