“No Hands” to be Performed at The Mother Church

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“No Hands” to be Performed at The Mother Church

More exciting solo news! Our song, “No Hands” (the 5th track on Soulshine), will be performed at The Mother Church in Boston this Sunday. This particular composition hasn’t garnered any special attention since it was released, and we’re excited to have some light shine on it!

The lyrics depict a child’s discovery that God made the world of Spirit rather than matter.

If God has no hands, how did He make me?

With no hands at all, Love shapes us all. 

Join us this Sunday, November 10 at 10am EST in listening to the live online church service broadcast, or visit that same page during the following week to hear the recording.

Thank you!

Audio samples, lyrics, and sheet music (in multiple keys) for “No Hands” are available at Watchfire Music.


  1. Terrific T&J!! Can’t wait to hear it! Love J2-Seattle

  2. I’m so looking forward to hearing it!

  3. What wonderful news!

  4. Can’t get link to yesterday’s service to work. Usually not a problem. Have tried for 24 hours. So grateful for your success.