Performing a New Solo at TMC Next Week!

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Performing a New Solo at TMC Next Week!

Hello Wonderful People,

In one week from today, March 1st, we will be performing the solo at The Mother Church in Boston. It’s always an exciting trip, but this time we’re especially pleased to be singing a new composition: to complement the subject of the Lesson Sermon, Christ Jesus, we’ll be sharing our new setting to Mary Baker Eddy’s poem, Christmas Morn.

It has a celebratory melody over a rich piano texture, and as always when writing music for Mary Baker Eddy poems we attempted to shed a fresh perspective on the meaning of the lyrics. In this case, we emphasize the last three lines, which begin with what became the title: Fill Us Today.

As is the case every week, The Mother Church will broadcast the church service live online and leave the recording there until the following Sunday. We’d love for you to tune in around 10am EST this Sunday or listen later to the recording!

Also, for those of you on music committees: we’ll publish the sheet music soon, so keep this piece in mind for next Christmas 🙂



  1. When I go to your store, can’t get the sheet music link to populate. Want to buy the new one directly from you for next Sunday! Julian singing.

    • Yes, sorry! I’ve been working on redoing the shopping cart, but haven’t updated yet … but I’ll send you the sheet music. Would love to have Julian sing it!!

  2. I wanna come !!!! Seattle or Boston…. I think Seattle b/c too much snow in Boston!!!! Or maybe just listen Sundayevening after work teaching skiing. Nancy you and Julian rock!!!!

  3. Wonderful news you two! xox

  4. I’ll be listening from the Soos Creek trail!!

  5. I’ll be listening from Orcas Island!!