Preview of “Soulshine” Album Artwork

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Preview of “Soulshine” Album Artwork

We are getting very close to completing the album! All that remains is the mastering, which takes a few days and will hopefully be started this week. After that, the project will go into production and it’s looking like we will receive the CDs by the 2nd week of June.

In the meantime, we wanted to give you a quick look at a bit of the final album artwork.

Check it out!

Soulshine CD Artwork

Soulshine CD Artwork

Cover of "Soulshine"

Soulshine Album Cover


  1. Love the photo, colors, and feel of artwork and can’t wait to hear the music.

    Just a question, with my editor hat on:

    When titles are used, the husband’s title always comes first
    Doctor and Mrs. Lawrence A. Finley
    Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Finley

    Without title, the wife’s name should come first
    Katy and Jim Richards

    The above is from:

    I note that your web address has Jay and Tessa and that you also say piano and voice so it seems you are already “wedded” to that order. No biggie. Just wanted to mention accepted etiquette…what do they know? I have a hard time not wearing my English major hat.

    Looking forward to June 22nd, and your just release before that.

    • We love grammarians!! Here’s what we decided:

      “Tessa and Jay” doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well as “Jay and Tessa” because of the vowel repetition at the end of Tessa and beginning of and. This double a is also why the domain, as you noted, is rather than

      That being said, we also noticed that the singer gets most of the attention and credit for writing an original song, even though we are both equally involved in our compositions! I write the majority of the music accompaniment, then Tessa writes the lyrics, and often the melody, on top of it. Hence, the order of names is also an effort to keep me from fading into the background as simply an accompanist!

      On a side note, we also rebel against the notion that Tessa is “Mrs. Jay Frost” … unless you refer to me as “Mr. Tessa Frost” as well 🙂 (Operating within conventions doesn’t appear to be one of our strong points!)

      On the other hand, Tessa is indeed the singer, so shouldn’t she go first? Hmm.

      Nevertheless, thanks for commenting!

      • Now that’s a very complete and thoughtful reply. I’m not surprised at your thorough consideration of your name order. I can imagine how perfect the songs, which is of course is all that really matters, will be. We’ll have to have you autograph our copies when we see you in June. Looking forward to the CD release.

  2. The cover looks beautiful! And I have no doubt the music will be just as beautiful and full of light!


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