Recap of TMC Youth College Summit

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Recap of TMC Youth College Summit

The TMC Youth College Summit at Cedars Camps over Labor Day weekend was incredible! There were several lectures and workshops which we found to be deeply inspiring and motivating, and we highly recommend future summits to everyone who has the opportunity to go. We also send a huge THANK YOU to the organizers for their superb work.

Being a part of this weekend was such a privilege! We had several fun musical activities – the first was leading a hymn sing shortly after arriving Friday night. It lasted about an hour and we really enjoyed hearing everyone’s voices! Before taking requests, we shared two hymns that may appear in the next Christian Science supplement.

After a lecture on Purpose, we joined fellow musicians Grant Taylor and Alex Cook in facilitating a discussion about how Christian Science really opens and directs one’s life in the fields of music, dance, and art. We were thrilled to have so many of the weekend’s attendees come and share a little bit about what they love to do – architecture, trapeze, art history, theater, poetry, interior design, painting, guitar, singing, and so many other creative expressions of the Great Artist, God. it was so inspiring for us both!

Saturday evening was the Weekly Musician concert with three sets (Grant, us, and Alex) of original, spiritually uplifting music. We performed five songs from our inspirational album Soulshine: No Hands, The Shepherd Song, Peace Like a River, Father of Lights, and Love ’em ’til it’s Gone. We had a fantastic time and enjoyed playing for such a wonderfully appreciative and enthusiastic crowd.

We also performed for the church service Sunday morning, leading hymns and singing another of our solos, Living Truth. For a postlude, the organizers asked me to play “I Can See Clearly Now,” and I was thrilled to have a handful of other musicians hop up on stage with me and vamp out on the chorus.

Sunday evening concluded with a talent show where we got to watch everyone else perform music and other fun things – a great way to wrap up the weekend.

We left Cedars Camp feeling uplifted and spiritually rejuvenated, and above all grateful for the opportunity to be part of it. Thank you!!

Pictures and Video from Cedars College Summit


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