Soulshine CD Manufacturing Has Begun!

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Perhaps this happens a lot with multi-level projects, but we have delayed the release date of the CD by one month. We realized partway through the mastering process that to get closer to the sound that we want, we needed to revamp some of the final mixes and then re-master the entire album again. We did all of this in about 10 days, then sent everything in earlier this week to get manufactured. The CD will be in our hands in less than two weeks!

For those of you who have ordered already, we expect to get the CDs to you in about two weeks. Thank you for your understanding and patience. If you haven’t ordered one yet, we invite you to pre-order our album of inspirational songs, Soulshine, today!

Soulshine Sheet Music

In other news, we have completed half of all the Soulshine sheet music!  You can access and purchase the following titles at our website: Living Truth, Father of Lights, the Great I AM, and Soulshine. Next up: Peace Like a River.

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  1. How honored we are to have this beautiful music album dedicated to Chris and to me. Much love and gratitude.